Ben Nelson

“He’s offered every resource there is of the federal government."
At the IB Heads World Conference in The Hague, Peter Senge discussed with me the "Education Renaissance," sharing both successful learning strategies and the setbacks to be considered when creating innovative change.
What is the ideal post-graduate job for a student at Minerva? (All Photos are courtesy of Minerva) What are the greatest
Everything will, instead, be online. Education will be free. It will be worldwide. It will be accessible. It will be meritocratic. Gone will be professors. Gone will be PhD degrees. Gone will be Harvard. Carey now knows The Secret of Education.
It would be surprising if any member of the Supreme Court would take the King v. Burwell petitioners' wholly unsubstantiated assertions about former Sen. Ben Nelson's critical role in the passage of the Affordable Care Act at face value, particularly in light of his direct and explicit contradiction of those assertions.
Back in late 2009 and early 2010, a key dispute among the lawmakers debating health care reform was over whether to create
Nelson had a reformative vision of the university model during his own time as an undergraduate at the Wharton School of
Stephen Kosslyn, an academic who headed Stanford University's Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences and previously
These guys aren't trying to copy what Harvard does. Minerva won't have a physical campus and won't have a library. Students will take their courses in six or seven different cities, moving every six months or so with a cohort of about 150 peers: San Francisco, London, Singapore.
It's unclear what's next for the 71-year-old, who, in the words of Reid, "has hair like a 15-year-old." "I mean, that is