Ben Sasse

In one of his first acts as Nebraska's new governor, Republican Jim Pillen has named Pete Ricketts to fill the state's vacant U.S. Senate seat.
Student demonstrators took issue with Republican Sen. Ben Sasse’s likely appointment as president of the University of Florida.
Protesters took issue with Sasse's positions, including his opposition to same-sex marriage.
As the 2020 election winds down, members of President Donald Trump’s own party are speaking out against him.
The Republican senator from Nebraska is the "sole finalist" to be president of the University of Florida.
Experts have warned that a no-fly zone would amount to a U.S. declaration of war against nuclear-armed Russia.
In a video, the Nebraskan condemned fellow Republicans for treating politics like "a religion." And he reiterated his support for Trump's impeachment.
"He is a physical coward but he’s perfectly happy when other people commit violence on his behalf," said Donald Trump's niece.
The president has a "brokenness in his soul," and is "addicted to division," said the senator.
The effort to subvert the will of voters is forcing Republicans to make choices that will set the contours of the post-Trump era and an evolving GOP.