Ben Shapiro

Crowder complained that an unnamed right-wing media company sent him an “immoral” deal. Then the company’s co-founders fired back publicly.
"You could be a visitor from Mars, and you could see that all of human procreation relies on man, woman, child," the conservative podcaster said.
One Twitter wit found it "a bit ironic" to call Kanye "pro-life and faith when he called for violence against Jews."
The right-wing podcaster hasn't served in the military himself, as many critics were quick to point out.
The conservative network apparently couldn't come up with four living Black Republicans to make its point.
The "Star Wars" actor apparently bothered the pundit by tweeting the word "gay" 69 times.
Tucker Carlson's online store is even selling shirts in support of the protest.
The actor, who played Cara Dune, says she's teamed up with right-wing website The Daily Wire after inflammatory social media posts got her canned at Lucasfilm.
After staff expressed outrage that the platform was given to a pundit known for his "bigoted and incendiary commentary," Politico's editor in chief declined to apologize.
The conservative commenter said Wednesday that an 81-year-old dying of the coronavirus "is not the same thing" as a younger person dying from it.