ben stein

The right-wing radio host agreed with actor Ben Stein's earlier claim that Ocasio-Cortez is promising "the same kinds of things" as genocidal dictators.
Ben Stein is worried that rich people will be taken away and shot.
"Tariffs are B-A-D," says a deadpan Ben Stein in front of a chalkboard.
This episode reveals that the illness we really should be talking about is the woeful state of American journalism today.
Ben Stein, writer, economist, actor and Republican, has seen a lot of elections but none like this. “It has been an extremely
The hilarious audition that caught the attention of John Hughes and Matthew Broderick.
"It seems to me that he is a person who cannot deal with even the slightest bit of frustration."
"He has a real strong hatred of America. Is it because he's part black?"
Why is it that blacks continue to trail behind whites in politics, business, sports, and just about everything else in America? Could it have anything to do with racism? Ben Stein says no.
To the modern right, black gain is white pain. The more respectable among them have learned that if you pretend to believe that racism does not exist, despite the undeniable evidence, you can perpetuate white supremacist outcomes indefinitely.