ben thomas

The photography series that will kindly usher you from your keyboard to the urban jungle around you.
Ben Thomas is a Melbourne-based photographer who uses the magic of tilt-shift photography to turn sprawling urban landscapes
"New artists should just be honest. Honesty comes across so clearly and plainly in music as far as when I listen to it. The main thing that rings poorly in a song that I hear is people writing things that they don't really feel, you know, making it up, phoning it in."
"It was a Civil War bullet that I still have in my collection," he said. "That got me interested in the artifacts and as
Roseanne Barr claims her ex-husband is a piece of GARBAGE ... who threatened to sabotage their son's education unless she
If Benjamin Taylor had made one album and it was 2008's The Legend Of Kung Folk, he would have fulfilled his creative contract with the music gods.