The HTC One M9 bent and broke at 120 lbs of pressure, since the phone's power button is on its side, right where the smartphone
OK, so maybe it's not quite that fast in the video. Still, we're pretty impressed. As you can see, so far so good. But could
Although #BendGate has not been nearly as much of an issue as the botched iOS 8.0.1 update that caused network connectivity and Touch ID malfunctions, it has produced some pretty hilarious reactions.
Photographs do lie, but alas, the photographs of bent iPhones are mostly real. I have received several phone calls from actual victims seeking help. Sorrowfully, I have no help to offer.
To test the strength of the hardware, the consumer watchdog placed the phone on two wooden points, then applied force on
Apple even opened up its testing facilities to CNBC to assure that it continues to demand product excellence in the Tim Cook
There are at least two ways to revitalize a broken brand image: redesign the product or redesign people's expectations around the experience of consuming the brand. Guess which path Apple will choose!
Happy New Year! Happy first week of Fall! Happy new iPhones! What a happy week we had! Or ya know, if you're not Jewish, you
Apple is taking extreme measures to try to convince people that its phones don't actually bend. The notoriously tight-lipped
Apple said it sold more than 10 million of its new iPhones in the first three days they were on sale, setting a record for
On Wednesday Apple yanked back an update for its new mobile operating system, iOS 8, after it was found to be riddled with
My colleague wanted to wait to see if "bendgate," or "bendghazi," as the media have dubbed it, is going to be a real issue