Benedict Cumberbatch The Imitation Game

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"We're very skeptical of people who are too perfect. We like flawed people," Tyldum said. "The more shaded, flawed characters
Alan Turing and his legacy are pivotal reminders of the limitations of data analysis without the context. How would he be evaluated today looking only at some of those metrics? He published just a few articles in his too short life, but Turing's work has had profound impact upon computer science that still resonates.
"As far as her relationship with Alan, they were engaged. They were great, great friends. She was at the center of the breaking
You get to move up a couple of rows and you get a less crappy picture. And you see that his suit fits him like a glove. Like a very tight glove. This is important information.
“I’m very happy. I’m a very happy man,” he said. “I have a great population of fans as well -- they’re smart, they’ll get
One of the film's most noteworthy sequences depicts Turing's chemical castration, which the mathematician accepted in lieu
The Telluride Film Festival offers a great span of cinema, from premiering Oscar contenders to silent-era black-and-white gems to small budget independents that will never play widely but may earn an enduring cult audience.
Oscar, meet Benedict Cumberbatch; Benedict Cumberbatch, meet Oscar. In "The Imitation Game," the "Sherlock" actor stars as