benefits of napping

The term "nap" on its own may sound like behavior appropriate for a baby or child, not an activity for a grown-up. For some adults the term "power nap" may legitimize getting some afternoon shut-eye. The fact is you can benefit from a nap if you're 2, 22, 42, 62 or 82.
While taking a snooze may not be entirely possible in the middle of the workday, a quick mental siesta may help you to push
When you can't keep your eyes open for one more second do you reach for a coffee... or a pillow? Dr. Michael Breus, clinical
In honor of National Napping Day, we've rounded up the benefits of indulging in a little daytime sleep.
PHOENIX -- Did you get a complete and restful night's sleep last night? If not, and if right now you're reading this article
In a new study just published, German researchers have shown that if you nap just six itty-bitty minutes during the day, it will not only make you feel better but will also improve your ability to learn and remember.