benefits of yoga

The other day, out on a walk, I came across a few puddles and stopped with my camera. The experience brought back a rush
• A 2012 study by Oxford University found that prisoners who participated in a 10-week yoga program experienced less stress
The day was full of excitement and anxiety. I was hoping for nothing out of the ordinary--only smooth sailing, and drama
If you've yet to hit the mat, here are six life-changing reasons why you should.
"For me it has meant relief from chronic hip pain. It has also asked me to Zone-In and not Zone-out. I believe that the practice
Think of yoga as a series of movements and stretches to connect your mind, breath, and body, so that you end up refreshed and clear headed. Here are three reasons why office yoga works.
When you are powering through a change or transition in your life, any physical practice that brings you more connected to your mind and body will help you come out of it healthy and whole. Try this one minute sequence to start your path on to new beginnings.
My daily yoga, meditation, and pranayama (breathing) practices help balance my body, mind, emotions, and internal energies
Go to experience the calm. Try it if you're new. Everyone has been at one point. They'll teach you how to breathe and help you with your poses. If you find it odd at first, it may feel this way, give it a few tries. Think of all the health benefits and hang in there. Remember, there's always child's pose!
I go to a yoga class two or three times a week, and I find that when I'm the most reluctant to go--when I'm feeling out of
As September rolls along and many do their part to increase awareness and understanding of mental and substance use disorders and celebrate the people who recover, Nickel wants those still in the dark trenches of addiction to know one thing.
Celiac is a genetic, systemic autoimmune disorder caused by exposure to gluten. Gluten is a protein found in wheat, rye, and
For more information, visit I spoke with Larry and here's what he had to say about teaching at Esalen: Doctor
This time last year, I developed a strange fascination for yoga. As I delved deeper as an entrepreneur, I realized I was not the only one who was hooked on it.