benevolent sexism

The former VP may have good intentions in his interactions with women, but that doesn't excuse potentially harmful behavior. Benevolent sexism can help us understand both of these things.
Just when you might think the GOP race couldn't get any more ridiculous, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are now facing off over their wives' virtues and reputations. This exchange is the perfectly sexist, and benevolently sexist, acme to months of dick-slapping bravado from men who endlessly go on about their wives, mothers and daughters.
Tupperware CEO Rick Goings said the problem -- and the solution -- begins at the top.
There are many things that dads can do to support the development of egalitarian attitudes at home, like take parental leave or equally absorb chores, but what men need is for other men to stop shaming them when they do those things.
Begun used data gathered from a previous survey of 651 undergraduate students from six universities, 70 percent or whom were
There is a difference between seeing your partner positively and expecting things from one another that you simply cannot consistently deliver.
In a July 15 piece for The Cut, Maggie Lange nailed what makes the phenomenon so infuriating: "Mansplaining particularly
New research suggests that women consider condescending remarks less offensive when men in an authoritative stance deliver
If a man offers to help a female coworker set up an office computer, Glick said, and she accepts, she is perceived as warm
Fiske suggested that "if there are sexualized pictures of women in the workplace, there may be a spillover effect, perhaps influencing the way people perceive female colleagues."