Why do we get so worked up about sports? I think the answer can be found in the human tendency toward building identities around and finding security within group membership, as well as the zeal with which we often engage in othering associated with the identities we construct for ourselves and ascribe to the members of different groups.
Cincinnati's superstar receiver desperately wants to change the playoff narrative for his team and his city.
Brandon Caro's debut novel, Old Silk Road, is an important, tough read, both for the dirt-under-its-nails portrayal of soldiers, and for a complex plot that rewards a reader with insights into America's longest war, in Afghanistan.
The Coriolis effect, caused by the earth's rotation, explains why the ball bounced right after hitting a goal post upright.
Still Super Sunday also marked the debut of Teddy Bridgewater, who entered the game for Matt Cassel after Cassel fractured
Few players in the NFL have earned the respect and admiration of present and former NFL players as has tackle Anthony Muñoz. But that's just part of the story -- or a fraction of his life narrative, really.
Just as hoped, wild-card weekend was as wacky and unpredictable as ever.
Bengals safety George Iloka came up with what might have been the luckiest interception of the season on Sunday against the
Huber suffered a fractured jaw and reportedly a cracked vertebrae in his neck on the play. Watch the hit below. Cincinnati