Benjamin Crump

The actor suggested a way to demolish the former Minneapolis cop's defense, said Benjamin Crump, the attorney for George Floyd’s family.
A cousin of Ray Wood, a former undercover police officer, shared a confession letter in which Wood said that the agencies facilitated the assassination.
Ben Crump and Lonita Baker, attorneys for the family, demanded that officials release a transcript of the grand jury hearing.
The 2018 arrest showed "how our educational and policing systems train children to be criminals by treating them like criminals," said lawyer Benjamin Crump.
Benjamin Crump said Black victims of police violence shouldn't need to have stellar reputations in order to receive justice.
The young Army veteran was leading shoppers to safety during the shooting on Thanksgiving night.
“What a legacy that would be ― elected to the City Council and supervising the same police department that killed Michael Brown," her attorney said.
Activists have pressed for more reforms to address what a Justice Department report this week called a "toxic environment
"This process is broken. The process should be indicted," Crump said. "Typically a grand jury will hear a whole case in a
Protests also broke out Monday night in New York City, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Seattle, Denver and Oakland