Benjamin Crump

Benjamin Crump said Black victims of police violence shouldn't need to have stellar reputations in order to receive justice.
The young Army veteran was leading shoppers to safety during the shooting on Thanksgiving night.
“What a legacy that would be ― elected to the City Council and supervising the same police department that killed Michael Brown," her attorney said.
(Updates with police chief's press conference) The shooting of the officers came less than three months after the killing
"There is no way after this whole process is over that anybody is going to say we rushed anything," Alizadeh said. WASHINGTON
Thousands of pages of grand jury materials were made public Monday night, including evident and testimony from Wilson and
“The only thing that Dr. Baden had wished to express to [Brown’s] parents is that in his preliminary autopsy, he had not
The action is expected to add to pressure already on Corey, who has been criticized by legal experts for unsuccessfully prosecuting
Black president or not, juries will continue to set white perpetrators free while wrongfully convicting African Americans so long as a "jury of your peers" means an exclusively or predominately white jury.
The outrage over the killing of an unarmed Black teenager who was doing nothing wrong must continue until some semblance of justice is achieved. Let us refuse to be silent until the killing of Black mothers' sons is as important as the killing of White mothers' sons.
In an interview with Al Sharpton on MSNBC's PolticsNation, Benjamin Crump, the Florida attorney representing the family of
The case, which has been over a year in the making, has prompted allegations of racism and police corruption. While public
"I honestly think this is a civil rights/equal justice issue because everybody in the world is watching to see if everybody
"It's the old strategy of vilify the victim to try to justify the heinous act of the defendant," Crump said. Martin's family
The goal of equal rights, equal justice, and equal opportunity for every child in America may not have been realized yet, but it's still the goal we have to meet in order for America to finally live up to its promise. Let's all make sure that happens in Trayvon's case.
He said that during the course of her arrest, police placed Thomas in a "hobble-style restraint" - Crump described it to
What started out as a simple hearing regarding whether to seal discovery evidence from the media turned into a blame game and strict orders by Judge Kenneth Lester that Zimmerman return to jail within 48 hours.
On Sunday, Rivera brought Benjamin Crump, the Martin family lawyer, on his own Fox News show. "The difference is in the eye
The State Attorney's Office officially disclosed a hefty collection of court documents including 67 CDs of witness statements