Benjamin Jealous

Rashida Tlaib's fundraising advantage financed a powerful ad blitz.
Progressives won in Maryland, New York and even Oklahoma.
Republican Larry Hogan is one of the country’s most popular governors. Can Ben Jealous beat him?
The Ben Jealous-Rushern Baker clash is the latest between national progressives and skeptical state party establishments.
States may be about to take the challenge of providing universal health coverage into their own hands.
The Bernie Sanders supporter has strong ties in the progressive community.
Two years ago, the state of Georgia ignored the facts, doubts and pleas of hundreds of thousands of people and killed Troy Anthony Davis. Today, on the anniversary of his execution, we rededicate ourselves to ending the immoral, biased and ineffective practice of capital punishment.
On Friday, the city began the process of appealing Scheindlin's decision. Kelly has frequently been mentioned as a potential
NAACP President and CEO Benjamin Jealous said Sunday, perhaps unwittingly, that black Americans “are doing far worse” than
I have seen firsthand the power of collaborating with racial and ethnic civil rights leaders, but even I was surprised by how a small conversation with the head of the NAACP mushroomed into a milestone for LGBT health.
Jealous also blasted the presumptive GOP nominee for using the speech to court conservatives rather than black voters. Romney's
Holt Baker said that in addition to fighting voter ID laws, the AFL-CIO aims to boost voter registration among union members
Instead, the Senate Thursday stripped out the $20 billion in House add-ons and returned to the House an almost $60 billion
There used to be a time when liberals, progressive and civil rights leaders stood up to right-wing bullies like Andrew Breitbart and Fox News, fighting back, sometimes even risking their lives. No more, it seems.
My introduction to virulent southern racism came in 1961 when I ventured to Albany, Georgia. It was then I met, and came to admire, a brave young civil rights worker named Charles Sherrod
WATCH THE EDITED VERSION OF SHIRLEY SHERROD'S SPEECH: Life moves at a slower pace for many in rural communities. Sherrod
According to the Atlanta-Journal Constitution, the local chapter of the NAACP has also firmly rejected Sherrod's comments
I don't like the racist images and speech at Tea Party rallies either, but can the NAACP really do anything about it? Probably not. Instead of focusing on that issue, why don't you condemn this recession's destruction of 25% of the Black middle-class?