benjamin millepied

Kerry Washington has stuck with a winning strategy for naming her two children with husband Nnamdi Asomugha. New baby Caleb
"I heard someone say a black girl in a ballet is a distraction."
Bulletin! The city of Los Angeles, home to long aborning/failed dance initiatives has risen, phoenix-like -- or Firebird-like if you prefer -- from the ashes.
The dancer and choreographer stars in the new documentary "Reset" about his time at the Paris Opera Ballet.
And so the Paris Opera Ballet has beat us at our own game. Sometimes it only takes a fresh pair of eyes to see new folds
It has been a short but well-travelled road for LA Dance Project, Benjamin Milliepied's artistic dance collective.
Benjamin Millepied, Jenifer Ringer and James Fayette mark the first year of the dynamic Colburn Dance Academy. As George Balanchine once famously said you need to promote professional ballet, "First, a school."
The second part of Millepied's three-part ballet series is titled "Hearts & Arrows," and in lieu of Stravinsky he's enlisted
Russian Ballet dancers Lyubov Tchernicheva, Alice Nikitina, Alexandra Danilova (1904-1997), Felia Doubrovska and Serge Lifar
"You have to practice finishing," Tiler reminds the toe students after a series of turns, "you can't just stop in mid-step and freeze." A good lesson for life as well as ballet.
While dance for dance's sake is not new in ballet, neoclassical works, such as Millepied's, typically make the body an instrument of the music.
"Hiroaki has invented his own system. There is a stream that begins in the pelvis and flows through the body," dancer Charlie
You may not have thought that abstract dance and computer coding would make compatible bedfellows, but this mesmerizing video
Hands on a Hardbody follows -- with music -- a marathon where the contestant who keeps at least one hand on a truck the longest gets to drive the shiny new vehicle home.