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The officers had said they thought Clark had a gun, but investigators found only a cellphone.
Former Sacramento Kings player Matt Barnes held a rally in honor of Clark Saturday. Black Lives Matter led a protest through downtown the night before.
Police shot at Clark 20 times outside the Sacramento home he shared with his grandparents and children.
Going back to the Vietnam era, there was the now infamous claim, "we have turned the corner in Vietnam." When American troops
A new study suggests that traumatic brain injury could explain the memory problems, explosive anger, inability to control impulses, headaches and insomnia Henry VIII dealt with prior to his death in 1547.
___________________ I will give out my award for the best health-related movie, and the reasons for the choice, just before
By the time last year's Super Bowl rolled around, it was clear enough that I wasn't the only one predicting an end to the glory days of what is increasingly (and rightly) coming to be seen as a barbaric, violent and dangerous sport.
Many of those entering theaters this holiday season to watch this highly-promoted movie will only be marginally aware of the link between football, concussions, and CTE, the neurological disease resulting from repetitive brain trauma. A lot of them will be leave shocked at what they discover.
As I await tonight's advance screening in Boston of Sony Pictures' movie, Concussion, which opens nationwide on Christmas Day, the polarized debate over football has once again reached a fever pitch.
Treat it like we treat alcohol, voting, cigarettes and sex.