Bentonville, Arkansas

Walmart representatives say they will ban the customer once they identify her.
A League of Their Own's Geena Davis, is doing something extremely important this week in, of all places, Bentonville, Arkansas. The Geena Davis Institute on Gender and Media has is supporting her effort to call attention to the unacceptable reality in which women, both behind and in front of the camera, find themselves in Hollywood.
In 2011, with the museum still under construction and planning its debut, many in the art world were questioning the viability of an art museum in small town Arkansas.
Buckyball, which will be Crystal Bridges' first foray into a temporary outdoor presentation, consists of two enormous Fuller-inspired spheres, one inside the other. Each is made of LED-infused sections, which can glow with more than 16 million distinct colors.
We are indeed living today in those post-Warhol years, and his impact and importance is ever present. Nearly all of his work -- not just the legendary soup cans and superstars -- is now iconic and widely sought after, commanding serious prices in the art market.
Two inaugural exhibitions at the hotel will run through July 2013: One, entitled "Dead Ringer," features work from Slater
At this point, Alice Walton knows how to brush off the critics. After unveiling plans for the new Crystal Bridges Museum
Want a sneak peek of the best funded, most controversial, and most highly anticipated museum opening in recent history? Wal-Mart heiress Alice Walton's mammoth Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Arkansas will soon be open for business, and the Washington Post's Philip Kennicott snagged the coveted first look.
A piece in next week's New Yorker will shed some light on Alice Walton, art collector and daughter of Walmart's founder, Sam
This year even after St. Nick returns home to the North Pole the deals will continue at Walmart (WMT).The Bentonville Arkansas