Beppe Grillo

A decades-old experiment in open borders and trade is still in danger as a comedian-turned-politician pushes for Italy to leave the EU, too.
The West isn't in the clear -- elections aren’t everything.
Here's to November 8th, it will not come soon enough.
Here we are. After 2 months of intense electoral campaign Rome is getting ready for the election day waited from its citizens since 8 months, as former mayor Ignazio Marino was obliged to resign his position by its own party (PD).
That was my thought as I arrived in Piazza del Popolo in Rome last Saturday evening, where one hundred thousand people had gathered for "Honesty Night."
Let's hope fear will transform not only in hope - as Renzi said in closing the electoral campaign - rather in actual change. That would really be historical.
Waiting 30 years for "big reforms" that never came, Italy should immediately lower full voting rights from 25 to 18 and electoral right to the Senate from 45 to 25. This would enhance political stability and justice for all
Unless you are familiar with Marvel superheroes, it is hard to understand recent events in Italy. The Prime Minister, Democratic Captain Italia Enrico Letta has been just ousted by RenziThor, the Democratic Party leader.
There is much ado in Italy nowadays about harassment against women, as MS5's leader and comic actor Beppe Grillo offered sexist remarks against the President of the Parliament Laura Boldrini.