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The government has 21 days to appeal the decision.
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The storm is forecast to become a “major hurricane” Monday.
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The British territory's chief justice declared a new domestic partnership law unconstitutional.
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"I guess I'm canceling my trip," Ellen DeGeneres wrote.
The reversal in Bermuda is the first of its kind, and we cannot assume it will be an isolated case.
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"There is just a feeling that people are against you," one person said.
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The island's Domestic Partnership Act, he says, is unconstitutional.
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LGBTQ activists are calling for people to #BoycottBermuda after a law reversing same-sex marriage was passed.
It is the strongest storm to hit the territory in more than a decade.
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Equally impressive was a risotto made with Arborio rice, rich with seafood and colored with squid ink ($29.75). For dessert
By way of the Netherlands.
When a romantic relationship is on the rocks or breaks up altogether, who has your back? Friends. So whether currently unattached or coupled-up, skip the typical hoopla of Valentine's Day to wrangle best buds and reclaim the weekend for endless platonic love.
The first time I met Carmine Pikero, the man who would become my father-in-law, he was standing in the parking lot at Stamford (now Trinity) Catholic High School in my hometown of Stamford, Connecticut.
When it isn't healthy for YOU Following healthy blogs can be inspiring, but as promising as they sound, what works for one
There's something magically mysterious about Heather Nova and her measured musical climb. Her poetic phrases, vivid images and moving melodies transport you to another world in another era, and the lovely sounds of her voice backed by the musicians' tasteful accompaniment make it seem like everything's going to be all right.