Bermuda Triangle

Conditions in the area are just right for monsters... as in monster waves.
For years, humans have attempted to decode life’s biggest mysteries. Mysteries like the Bermuda Triangle, Jack the Ripper
Fasten your seat-belts, make sure your seat-back is in the upright position and your table is stowed: I promise you a bumpy ride!
Newly-found craters off the coast of Norway suggest the sea's potential for enormous blowouts of methane gas, the scientists
Of course, disappearances in the infamous Bermuda Triangle and some other areas have come amid fears of UFOs, mysterious
In a compelling new book Discovery of Flight 19: A 30-Year Search for the Lost Patrol in the Bermuda Triangle, author and former military pilot Jon F. Myhre comes up with a very well-reasoned explanation to the incident that gave rise to the superstition.
The area in question is a thin triangle connecting the towns of Thirsk, Wetherby with Corsett in the north. Another theory
Upcoming projects you're working on: I'm finishing an album and building the Tropical Magic Studios with Nagib. Plus I'm
The monstrous murder of master PR agent Ronni Chasen has put Hollywood's hard-boiled honchos back to the business of watching their own backs, just as they did after the Manson clan's murders in 1969. Once again, everyone is paranoid.
They've tried almost everything: containment domes, golf balls, human hair, lulling the oil spill to sleep with Barry Manilow music. Now, BP has devised a new plan: divert the big slick into the Bermuda Triangle.
The most recent addition to this list is last week's report of Northwest Airlines Flight 188 plane, which overshot its destination by 150 miles.
It is time for American policies toward Cuba to change, but I must admit when I left there, I could see the point of trying to hold Fidel's feet to the fire.