Bernard Kerik

Alina Habba suggested news about the former president's legal woes amounted to "election interference."
Bernard Kerik worked with Rudy Giuliani to investigate unfounded claims of voter fraud after the 2020 presidential election.
Prosecutors said Lawrence Ray, 62, used threats and violence to enrich himself with millions of dollars from students he met in his daughter's dorm.
The letter was created a day before Trump discussed naming conspiracy theorist Sidney Powell "special counsel" to probe baseless election fraud claims.
Neal Katyal, a former Justice Department official, issued a warning to President Donald Trump after he doled out pardons and commuted sentences for friends and allies.
President Donald Trump spoke to reporters to explain a wave of commutations and pardons for convicted fraudsters, amongst others.
The Muslim congresswoman has received death threats because conservative media took her comments about 9/11 out of context.
Former NYC police commissioner Bernard Kerik says Sen. Tom Cotton's argument against reform "is simply false."