Bernard Kouchner

The ill winds of history are blowing again toward Kurdistan. Serious threats have been made by Kurdistan’s powerful neighbors
Kushner has been present since the beginning of many great natural and political disasters in the world by assisting and alleviating the pain of the civilian victims of both wars and catastrophes.
Every year we commemorate the genocide, we expect that those who betrayed Srebrenica might this time ask for forgiveness from the survivors. Instead, much of Europe appears inclined to forget Srebrenica and punish all Bosnian & Herzegovinians ("BiH") for reminding it of its collective failure to prevent the genocide.
The unintended consequences of Operation Iraqi Freedom will have to be endured by us all for a very long time. Ten years after, it is still as if we are just getting started.
Wall Street starts a worldwide recession and donors are contributing less money than ever to the ambitious UN plan to slash poverty. But the world body nonetheless believes it can garner a startling $40 billion in new money.
The first talks at the United Nations on US proposals for sanctions against Iran begin Thursday but could take months before any resolution is adopted by the 15-nation Security Council.
At a meeting at the UN, more than 100 delegations pledged a total of $5.3 billion over the next 18 months and another $4.6 billion for the years that follow to aid Haiti.
The internet today -- despite the occasional bouts of disinformation and invented scandal -- is far more of an effective and immediate marketplace of information than the world for which Bernard Kouchner seems to pine.
It is critical to give the Internet a legal status that reflects its universality, so that it will be more difficult for repressive governments to use the sovereignty argument against fundamental freedoms.
This miracle we pretend to wish for so fervently, this living proof that a non-fundamentalist Islamic society is possible, was within reach, and if we do nothing in Darfur, we will have let it die.
Am I right to say of today's Socialist Party that it is the "large corpse falling backward" that Jean-Paul Sartre has already diagnosed?
While U.N. officials have regularly expressed concern at events in Sri Lanka, the bloody war is not high on most nations' agenda.
Carla & Carlito: Ou La vie du Chateau, is a loaded 64-page hardback cartoon story that delights in the players' clawing their way to the top.
In an emotional statement to the national assembly yesterday, Mr Kouchner dismissed the book as being full of "confusions
Former U.S. President Bill Clinton delivered an upbeat message Thursday amid the mood of economic gloom at the World Economic
Last summer, during Obama's European trip, President Sarkozy was the only European leader to hold a joint press conference