bernie bros

For the past eight years, America has had an African-American president. Faced with the prospect of a white woman succeeding him, America instead just elected an angry white man as president. Call it the triumph of angry white men everywhere.
Will Michelle Obama follow in Hillary's footsteps and eventually run for the Senate in Illinois? We certainly hope so.
You're entitled to your opinion, and you're entitled to your vote. As am I, and my opinion is that if you refuse to vote for Hillary Clinton if it comes to that in November, you're abandoning marginalized people much more than I am by voting for her.
In the end, Muhammad Ali wasn't just the most important athlete of his time. He was a unified human being. His occupation was inseparable from his aspirations, his spiritual ideals inseparable his worldly activities. That's an important lesson for any historical moment, and for this moment more than most.
Can we all just take a deep breath? I'm speaking to many Democratic voters as well as the bulk of the mainstream media here, just to clarify. Because far too many seem to currently be going off the deep end. But from where I sit, this is an overreaction to a very short-term situation.
Decades ago, Gloria Steinem had talked about the "click," moments, those aha, revelatory, eureka moments when a woman suddenly recognizes the gender discrimination she faces. I am sorry to say, I never had one of those consciousness-raising moments. Until now.
Like most people, I stay connected with friends via Facebook. What used to be a "Steve is in a relationship" update has been replaced with "Steve is a sexist and/or racist pig" update. I thought I knew Steve.
People support presidential candidates for a variety of reasons, and instead of jumping to conclusions about the character of those who disagree with us, we should listen to those reasons and evaluate them on their merits. At the same time, ethics and evidence matter.