bernie or bust

You rebel, you have succeeded beyond your wildest dreams. That's sexy.
Bernie Sanders permanently changed the political lanscape, and we're revolting against the plutocracy. Neither the abstract
Martin Luther King, Jr. said that "the arc of history is long, but it bends toward justice." But he didn't say who is responsible for bending it and how to make it bend.
I’m not one to tune in to CNN for hours on end. But last Monday night, and for the next three nights, I couldn’t look away
If disgruntled followers of Senator Bernie Sanders truly share their candidate's environmental priorities, they should shift their vote to Hillary Clinton this November. Not to support her--as some of them have vowed to do--would be tantamount to the proverbial "Cutting off one's nose to spite one's face."
Sadly, the obstinate behavior exhibited by the Bernie or Bust troops only proves it would prefer to contribute to extending the stagnation, fortified by their hubris, than do the work required to achieve meaningful change.
At the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia, party infighting took a back seat to partying.
In this short interview, filmed immediately after the official DNC roll call nomination, a brilliant, tearful Bernie supporting
She has a simple message to disaffected Bernie Sanders supporters that seems to be resonating: I represent your progressive values. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump do not.
This isn't a plea to ask Iranian-Americans to vote for Hillary Clinton. However, when it comes to minorities, it's unclear whether we stand a chance against a man who spews vitriol and rants about bans and walls.
I had it all ready to go. In a flash of inspiration, I had typed up about 3,000 words to explain how, after this whole #DNCLeak thing, I was still a Bernie or Bust guy.
Obama gave me the reality check I needed.
"I don’t know which class you ditched to go to those Bernie rallies, but I have a feeling it was history."
Even obsessive Star Wars fans have trouble describing Darth Vader's role within the evil Empire. He's not running the show. Emperor Palpatine is the one in charge. And at board meetings, Vader is simply one of several military high-ranking officials... although unlike the generals and lieutenants, Darth Vader doesn't really have an official title.