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The Latin American and Caribbean region is no stranger to U.S. intervention and support of rightwing dictatorships.
Now more than ever, we need the attitude of a messiah to fight against the herd behavior keeping us trapped in broken economic, social and environmental systems.
A Honduran soldier subsequently told the media that Berta had been targeted by the military for assassination. To the consternation
To read the rest of the article, visit the Nation. The social movements in Brazil invited me and eight other jurors from
Berta Cáceres' family wants the U.S. to halt security funds until the Honduran government agrees to an impartial investigation.
As we celebrate the international day of the world's indigenous peoples, we must address how indigenous peoples are robbed of their right to sustainable development, now and in the future.
As part of the campaign, we aim to make our state, cities and neighborhoods welcoming spaces for our immigrant, refugee, Muslim
On average, more than three were killed per week, a watchdog group found.
A number of U.S. officials -- most notably then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton -- played an important role in preventing Zelaya’s return to office and the junta consolidating its power in the face of massive nonviolent protests.
Watford is now a 20-year-old student at Towson University. She pronounced to the audience during her acceptance speech, "It isn't the fate of our community -- our our planet -- to be a dumping ground."
Today, Dutch financier FMO announced that it plans "to seek a responsible and legal exit" from the Agua Zarca Project. Finnfund
"I was working on a presentation when I heard a loud bang," said Gustavo, who is now in Mexico. "I thought something had fallen, but when Berta screamed, 'Who's there?', I knew it was bad, that it was the end."
When we learned that Berta Cáceres, a leader of the indigenous Lenca people, was murdered in Honduras, we were shocked but not surprised. A violent death is the all-too-frequent fate of indigenous activists who defend their rivers and lands against dams, logging and other forms of destructive development.
Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration should be held accountable, but the buck doesn't stop there. When the election has long since been decided, will you forget Berta Cáceres? Will Honduras fade from your mind once it no longer serves an American purpose?
Sometimes a story comes along and punches you in the gut. When that happens to me, it's usually because of a powerful storyteller who weaves a narrative arc that connects self and purpose, vulnerability and transformation.
LA ESPERANZA, Honduras -- Berta's assassination sends a chilling message to the Honduran people -- that anyone can be murdered with total impunity. If you can kill Berta, you can kill anyone in Honduras. That scares me. It scares me for what it means for the future of the country, the future of the Lenca people and everyone fighting to defend their territory.