Bertrand Russell

In his inaugural column for the New York Times, Bret Stephens- formerly with the Wall Street Journal- wrote a thoughtful
This "paradox" is usually attributed to the famous mathematician and philosopher Bertrand Russell (Figure 1 shows him in
For the first time in history, the most skilled, highest earners in society are working the longest hours. But why is it that those who can afford the most leisure are now taking the least?
As a proud product of Carnegie Mellon, I am far from a Luddite; rather, I welcome technological disruption and even the market
No one ever expects the Spanish Inquisition. Monty Python said it; it must be true. That the proposition -- the fluid nature
In summary, then, the wisest (and/or most knowledgeable) people examining the issue of breast cancer screening are rather
There are two broad philosophies on how to have one's coffee, and two broad philosophies on how to live one's life. Both questions are inextricably linked.
We are all ignorant; none of us have all the answers. That fact is not only a strong argument in favor of free speech and against those who would suppress it -- it is a spur toward greater wisdom.
Everyone (well, mostly women) keeps talking about how BUSY they are all the time.It's like suddenly, being "busy" is a badge of honor or something. I just want to scream at them: We're ALL busy! And there's no prize for being the busiest!
Who you are is already enough. You don't need to become a thing. Life isn't a race or a contest. There's nowhere to go. You're already there.
If a libertarian world is made happy by replacing political aggression and force with the actions of people who are civil and tolerant, then we cannot expect people to come to our side if we cannot even exhibit those qualities.
Senator Cruz is on a crusade to become president. Cruz knows that if he can win over the conservative wing of his party with stirring rhetoric filled with red meat, he will be in a formidable position for the 2016 Republican presidential primaries.
Which leads me to one of the greatest minds of all -- Ben Franklin, who said: "There never was a good war, or a bad peace
A webzine recently asked me to write 100 words on the question, "If you had to choose between blindness and deafness, which sense would you keep?" I gave them one word: "common."
My approach to spiritual growth during Ramadan is to study the Scriptures and writings of other faiths and belief systems. In the course of this study, I came across an excellent essay.
How do we decide which stories are worthy of our affirmation and support? Which narratives have the power to convince, convert and transform? Which religion does one choose?
Religion may be many different things. Yet, at its core, it serves the same function as tranquillizers. It is a downer.
Could the Confucian perspective on learning be the reason for Russell's great admiration of Chinese thought after his visit to China in the early 20th century?