Bertrand Russell

In his inaugural column for the New York Times, Bret Stephens- formerly with the Wall Street Journal- wrote a thoughtful
So does he or doesn't he? Amusingly, Harvard computer scientist Stuart Shieber has written an article entitled: "Is This
In stark contrast, the framers of our Constitution designed our government to be slow, purposeful, and eminently deliberate
My passion for science is rather an open book, as are my musings on what "holistic" medicine is, and should be. Speaking
In his famous "Apology," Plato cites Socrates as saying: "That which I may not have known-through-seeing in no way I imagine
-fin 2) The test must work well. A good test reliably finds the condition when it is there, and reliably rules it out when
There are two broad philosophies on how to have one's coffee, and two broad philosophies on how to live one's life. Both questions are inextricably linked.
We are all ignorant; none of us have all the answers. That fact is not only a strong argument in favor of free speech and against those who would suppress it -- it is a spur toward greater wisdom.
Everyone (well, mostly women) keeps talking about how BUSY they are all the time.It's like suddenly, being "busy" is a badge of honor or something. I just want to scream at them: We're ALL busy! And there's no prize for being the busiest!