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The superstar is the first person to be nominated for Best Actress and Best Original Song in the same year.
The underappreciated actress deserves the Best Actress race wild-card slot.
Both of "the Reginas" shared their admiration for one another at the New York Film Critics Circle awards ceremony.
Best Actress Oscar winner Frances McDormand has been reunited with her statue after a man allegedly stole it at an after party.
The "Three Billboards" star was "crying emotionally."
Frances McDormand celebrated her Best Actress Oscar win by sharing the spotlight with all of the female 2018 Academy Award nominees.
Actor Casey Affleck will not be assuming his role as presenter of the Academy Award for best actress this year, amid the groundswell of support for the Time’s Up and Me Too movements.
Tiffany Haddish was left off the ballot. But she should have been part of the conversation from the start.
An actor, a writer and an awards forecaster discuss the possibility of gender-blind acting categories at the Academy Awards.
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If movies are our collective dreams, they should inspire us to have the greatest American dream of all: the opportunity to be a great many things.
Let's face it, in its 88 years, there are instances where actors were awarded Oscars not because they were truly the category's strongest, but because they were the most popular, the most sentimental, played the studio politics game with the most savvy, etc. All wrong reasons.
The "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" star was chosen as the winner over Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Jamie Lee Curtis.
Actor, producer, screenwriter and author Diane Keaton is undeniably one of the greatest actors to have graced the silver screen. Shining alongside such luminaries as Katharine Hepburn, Audrey Hepburn, Cicely Tyson and Meryl Streep, Diane Keaton has meticulously crafted her art into a Hollywood legacy.