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On languid, lazy summer days and nights, who wants to fuss over a beauty routine? We've got 20 tricks to increase your gorgeousness quotient fast.
Stila Eye Shadow in Dune is a great neutral base that looks good with just about any eye shadow color. Loved by both beauty
Being a Midlife Blogger, I'm lucky to have met other wonderful Midlife Bloggers. I decided who better to tap for a list of the One Fabulous Beauty Product you wouldn't want to live without. They've generously shared their favorites.
These staples separate the kiddos from the grownups.
These days, it seems like there's a new beauty trend every week. With the millions of products on the market, it's hard to
What really separates Thrive Market from brick-and-mortar stores is the company's charity initiative, which provides low
Hello. My name is Lori, and I'm a beauty product junkie. I've been known to flip out or obsess over a new lotion, soap or mascara that I try and think is great. But I really flip out when I find a great product that is reasonably priced that I can pick up while buying milk and bananas.
Our primary style focus during the winter months is all about wearing enough layers to keep warm without looking like a stuffed
The beauty gods blessed us with exciting innovations, envelope-pushing trends and unconventional icons this year, all of
With all the perfume spritzing and skincare peddling, the beauty counter can be a pretty intimidating place -- especially
Sundays are spa days for the editors at HuffPost Style. Dedicating a few hours to treat ourselves to a fresh manicure, eyebrow
We love buying products online, but it comes with one caveat: You can't test drive them. So, in order to figure out whether
To help break us out of our primping malaise, we went to the founders and brilliant minds behind seven of our favorite online