best christmas movies

Jackie and Jay decided to visit New York and ask people on the street to convince Jackie to watch their favorite Christmas movie. Do you think it worked?
So, the correct positioning is a necessity. The eventual family reunion is emotional. Let's start with a skeletal version
Buddy's antics across New York make it seem almost endearing as the North Pole. Anyone who doesn't feel a little love for
Watching Christmas movies with the family is a holiday tradition on par with opening presents and eating a sugary breakfast
Christmas movies are a genre unto themselves: between live-action and animated features, there are literally hundreds of titles out there. Inevitably, some are pretty bad, others amusingly cheesy.
In this week's edition of Weeklings!, I toast all the Christmas classics: Miracle on 34th Street, Meet Me in St. Louis, Christmas Vacation, Bad Santa and many, many others. But only one can be best -- and gayest. Join me as I select the number one and, for the hell of it, rip on Chevy Chase.
During the holidays, the Internet becomes a ghost town. The articles you do find are the same, tired Christmas-themed articles
It is an undeniable favorite Christmas movie for most and made Macaulay Culkin a household name. Check some of the best moments
The holidays are known for being a time of excess. We eat too much, we drink too much, we spend too much and "A Christmas