best cities in america

3. Provo (and Orem), UT With a relatively small population compared to the other top cities, Provo is nevertheless a frontrunner
If you think your city is the best place to live, know this: There are over 500 other cities in the country with residents
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Eccentricity makes New Orleans a natural contender for the nation's strangest people. Readers rank 35 metropolitan areas for features such as live music and food trucks as well as their residents -- be they smart, attractive, or, indeed, lovably weird.
San Francisco is also home to the oldest Buddhist temple in the U.S., and it's the birthplace of Burning Man, an event that
Here at HuffPost SF, we're not so surprised. You know what they say--an Apple a day… Indeed, SELF found that a whopping 84
Businessweek noted San Francisco's cultural centers, restaurants and nightlife, social and environmental causes and proximity
This week Forbes released its list of the best cities in America for business. The list, which was calculated based on factors