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You CAN make a delicious cup from a store-bought bag of beans.
In the last ten years, espresso pop up shops, coffee trolleys, and artisanal pour-overs have proliferated across central London and into the furthest reaches of the city -- meaning (thankfully) that an excellent cup of coffee is never more than a few streets away.
The coffee went through several rounds of tastings to see how the flavors developed as they cooled.
With high-end coffee shops on the rise, our coffee options have expanded. Enter one of these establishments, such as WTF
From a Japanese kissaten-style coffee bar to a traveling-bike coffee shop.
Are you a mellow cafe au lait or an intense espresso?
Is Folgers still America's favorite home-brewed coffee or has Starbucks taken over?
Don't worry, decaf didn't get to participate.
Starbucks wants a piece of the action. The chain recently announced plans to make a play for supermarket sales with branded
Before you order an espresso at a Seattle coffee bar, you can often read where the coffee beans came from, how those beans were roasted--and even a short résumé of the barista who's making your cup. Such passion made Seattle a shoo-in to win the title of best coffee city.
Don't commit these errors, and enjoy a great cup of joe.
Finally, you can have quality coffee anywhere.
Brewing coffee beans is like cooking garlic. If you use bigger chunks of garlic, the taste is mild; if you put garlic through a press or finely dice it, the taste can be overwhelmingly powerful, even bitter. This is why chefs harp about cutting into uniform size. Coffee's no different.