best friends animal society

Animal welfare groups are urging people to keep pets inside and warm.
The Best Friends Animal Society collaborates with shelters and animal rights organizations to host adoption events in multiple U.S. cities.
While our historic milestone provides plenty of reasons to take pause and commemorate our past, the urgency of our cause demands that we continue to look ahead. To that end, the ASPCA is at the forefront of three relatively new areas of animal welfare concentration where the potential for saving lives is nearly limitless.
While some reasonable estimates exist, the true number of U.S. animals sheltered at a national level has never actually been counted, much less shared. This lack of clarity severely impedes our ability to best serve our country's homeless animals.
Best Friends Animal Society isn't the only place you can find your new best friend. Sugar Mutts Rescue is another non-profit
"She seemed to take in all of the sights, smells and views like she'd always gone on hikes this way."
While we may have little to defend against a zombie apocalypse, when it comes to the plight of community cats - we know the answer, and we will continue to fight for their right to live.
Dogs, like people are individuals and should be treated and evaluated as individuals, not by the blanket categories of breed or appearance. Too many dogs have senselessly lost their lives simply for being born with a big head and a muscular looking body, but the tide has turned.
Bodhi didn't even mind sharing the seat with Rosenberg the Dog, an Aussiedoodle who was pretty pleased someone at the gig
Dog Kissing Booth for Best Friends Animal Society
That pit bulls have an image problem is an understatement and that translates into a shelter adoption problem that leaves many pit bull-type dogs to languish and perish in American animal shelters. So how can you help?