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Netflix has a new star-studded heist movie.
Will Ferrell and Rachel McAdams star in "Eurovision Song Contest."
Credit: Dog Eat Dog Films 9 Movies Critics Hated That Still Made Bank at the Box Office 17. The Battle of Chile (1975-1979
Lists of great things from people who are very upfront about their biases.
Some years were quieter celebrations, but just as ceremonial. Even watching them on my own, I bowed to the sense of occasion. I lined up my time-honored snacks, burrowed under my favorite quilt and glued myself to the proceedings, shouting at the screen the entire time.
The counterintuitive romance is one in which two people who truly shouldn't fall in love do, often under extraordinary and unromantic circumstances. The protagonists of these love stories breathe the same thin air as anti-heroes and outsiders; they are, in short, unidealized and identifiably human. We've compiled six romance films that fit this profile.
With adoption having such a big year at the box office, we've come together as specialists in these fields to identify the Top 15 family films about adoption.
Perhaps you know his name from his book Jesus: The Human Face of God, or perhaps you know him as author of The Last Station, which was turned into an Academy Award-nominated film.
Can koalas be kept as pets? Films poke fun at these false stereotypes of Australian living, and they also paint more realistic pictures of life on the world's largest island. We chewed through the best Australian flicks and picked five to watch before you hop down to the Sunburnt Country.
Regular Perfection "What’s Eating Gilbert Grape" "The Secret Garden" "The Pelican Brief" "Carlito’s Way" "Sleepless in Seattle