best netflix documentaries

Watching documentaries probably means you are very smart. Please binge-watch accordingly.
Music, art, fashion, celebrities -- we've got you covered.
"Showrunners" "Showrunners" can feel a bit insider-y, like the director's cut that might come with a collector's edition
What We'll Add: If "The Jinx" didn't already look like prestige television, "Crazy Love" will make it seem vaguely high brow
"Good Ol' Freda" "Good Ol' Freda" covers a lot of tired lore that any serious Beatles fan would be well acquainted with. The
"Orgasm, Inc." "Orgasm, Inc." skewers "big pharma," with an investigation into the way major corporations attempt to capitalize
What do you suggest for those who are far too introverted to get on stage and participate in "Mortified?" Regardless of whether
As you search for a movie to watch this weekend, consider abandoning the fictional for some real-life drama. Here are 12
Netflix, to its credit, has a phenomenal archive of documentaries available to watch whenever you want. Even better, they