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Breakfast or lunch? A leisurely-paced afternoon spent brunching with friends (and downing mimosas) really has to be one of
Whether you're planning to splurge on gifts for friends and family, or just use holiday entertaining as an excuse to redecorate
With holiday shopping season in full swing, sometimes shoppers need to be reminded to take a break, and take care of themselves
Like more than a few operas, it seems, the character at the center is a courtesan, Violetta, who is fairly burned out from her life entertaining men and believes she will die soon. Entering her life, though, is a well-meaning -- if naive -- Alfredo Germont who has long been intrigued by Violetta with no apparent recognition of her profession or lifestyle.
Turner says he was surprised at the positive response the show received. Like Turner, artist and Detroit native Flaco Shalom
Putnam was one of a group of educators who began meeting in Boggs' home to talk about education and the education system
Whether you live south of Eight Mile or commute in from an outer-ring suburb, you’re a Detroiter at heart, right? Next time
There's a lot more to Detroit than meets the eye. Good or bad, there are perspectives of the city you might not see unless
The local artists work in a variety of media, from oil paintings to steel sculptures. What's next for them? Hopefully bigger
Veronika Scott, a 24-year-old graduate of Detroit's College for Creative Studies who founded Empowerment Plan, said most