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Sometimes it's tough to sit through a one-man show, as so many factors are in play. Not only the actor and the text, but the subject matter as well.
Those Sunsets I'm thankful for those hot pink stained sunsets that transforms a normal afternoon into what feels like being
El Prado Bar - Glendale Boulevard - Photo by Art Tavana Prior to the street gang takeover in the '80s and '90s, glorified
This year the list culls far and wide from our fair city and county. Encino! Atwater Village! Sierra Madre! Miracle Mile! It also spans the gamut when it comes to cuisine. Breakfast! Lunch! Dinner! Snacks! Cookies! Appies!
An Angeleno's Instagram newsfeed can be fairly predictable -- discounting a few outliers, we tend to see the same pictures
From the first brick-and-mortar venture by pop-up king Ludo Lefebvre to a meat speakeasy by superstar chef Nancy Silverton, these 10 restaurants have fanatical followings
34. Cupcakes From A Vending Machine [Photo: @lublodg] 32. Views From The Soho House [Photo: @sashabronner] 17. The Pool At
This is certainly true throughout Los Angeles, where there are dozens of wonderful and popular Indian restaurants. So many
Please remember to drink responsibly. Taxis and Uber do the body good. Other fun facts: The Guinness World Record for the
This story comes courtesy of Neon Tommy. July 7 marks a momentous occasion indeed, as it is “National Macaroni Day,” while
This story comes courtesy of LA Weekly Once upon a time, eating well in downtown Los Angeles meant ducking into one of a
By Andrea Alonso, Party Earth writer. Although Los Angeles is criticized for its lack of an urban center, Downtown is a booming
It's no secret: Everyone in Southern California knows that the fastest way to look better is to get a tan. Book appointments
Good morning! And yes, we say that with an exclamation mark because we know that when today is done, there's a 3-day weekend waiting for us on the other side.
by Bun Boy Eats LA, LA City Guide for the Menuism Blog photos by Bun Boy Eats LA With a few exceptions, I've been to every
Make a sunny Sunday even more wonderful on May 12 by taking mom and the family out to a magnificent Mother's Day brunch. Whether you choose a restaurant at the beach or in Beverly Hills, make sure mom, not the food, is the center of attention.
Jordan Kahn says he hasn't taken a regular day off since October. And since his restaurant is open until 2 a.m., that means
With summer rapidly approaching, it's time to explore your ice cream options in the beach-adjacent parts of town. Assembled here, in no particular order, are five of my favorite purveyors of top-quality, small-batch ice cream.