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That's only part of what makes the annual 3-day bash in Miami's Bayfront Park so beautiful, so accessible, and so darn fun
Arguably, the downtown corridor is defining who we are becoming. The heartbeat of our future lies downtown and the blood coursing through this vein is our emerging culture.
Chalk it up to the natural New York-Miami rivalry: some weeks back we saw a list of "celebrities who are only famous to people
Nothing tops a lazy Sunday afternoon catching up with your DVR, except maybe a lazy Sunday afternoon brunch catching up with
Not only is it lovely to sit under the stars in beautiful Miami Beach, but it's one of the rare times the community really
The mercury has begun to dip in South Florida (well, slightly), meaning all your Northern friends and family will soon come
Say, for a moment, you've got only one night to spend in South Florida. How would you sample the local beer scene? Luckily
It's Labor Day weekend! A time to kiss summer (and awful humidity) good-bye. But the three-day weekend poses a familiar dilemma
Upcoming projects you’re working on: Right now I am working on my first full length album and am very excited to release
Take a look at the below slideshow for a rare glimpse of Miami during the pioneer era to the Prohibition era, roughly 1870