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We sent photographer Marisa Matluck to capture all the vibes, sights, and sounds last weekend, and we think you'll agree
Arguably, the downtown corridor is defining who we are becoming. The heartbeat of our future lies downtown and the blood coursing through this vein is our emerging culture.
Chalk it up to the natural New York-Miami rivalry: some weeks back we saw a list of "celebrities who are only famous to people
Nothing tops a lazy Sunday afternoon catching up with your DVR, except maybe a lazy Sunday afternoon brunch catching up with
Not only is it lovely to sit under the stars in beautiful Miami Beach, but it's one of the rare times the community really
Blow their minds with the following off-the-beaten path attractions and restaurants. These hidden gems will show them the
Say, for a moment, you've got only one night to spend in South Florida. How would you sample the local beer scene? Luckily
It's Labor Day weekend! A time to kiss summer (and awful humidity) good-bye. But the three-day weekend poses a familiar dilemma
What’s the best piece of advice Pharrell has ever given you? I met Pharrell when I was about 15 and this was definitely a
Before there were condo high rises, night clubs, and Art Basel Miami Beach, there were the horse and buggies on Flagler Street
With the app, Melnick has his eyes on the world outside of Miami as anyone with a smartphone can upload a picture of themselves
What crops grow best in Miami this time of year? This time of year is best for planting fruit trees as well as things like
Shoppers that are on the hunt for the one-of-a-kind often turn to the highly addictive virtual craft bazaar that is
At about the time Miami Beach Police Department officers were fatally tasing 18-year-old artist and skateboarder Israel Hernandez-Llach, I was rising for the day in my apartment a few blocks away.
11. Cafecito (mmmmmm... cafecito) 2. Palm Trees 3. You, Stuck In Traffic 1. Your Knees At The Beach 12. Our Ridiculous Weather
These days, you can imbibe one of his enticing handcrafted cocktails at The Hoxton, an "urban beach house" in the heart of
You’re going to be on BBQ Pitmasters. Do you think you get to redeem yourself on the show? BBQ Pitmasters is not about redemption
Swimwear is to a Miamian as outerwear is to a Midwesterner -- that is to say, one of life's everyday necessities. With nearly