best places to retire

Like anyone else who has moved from their home country and lived abroad for any length of time, we are often asked by family and friends back on the block: 'Is it safe?'
Most people spend their entire lives working hard and sometimes at minimal wages just in order to be able to retire and retire successfully. For once you finally have the opportunity to be free from the everyday hustle and bustle. No more routines and no more working just to survive. As a retiree you finally have the chance to simply enjoy the little things in life.
The couple's cost of living in Ecuador is much lower than it was in Chicago. "Our HOA fees are $235 a month, electric is $19, water is $4, cell phone is $23, and I pay $70 for my internet," says Kristin.
Marty and Michelle Kramer know that the road to paradise is not always direct. They're okay with that. As they will tell you, what counts is being happy where you end up.
In Belize, 'I am happy. I don't worry about car insurance, driving for hours, or traffic. I don't have to put on a pair of heels and a business suit. Flip-flops and a great pair of shorts or sundress are my normal attire now.'
Finding the best lawyer or doctor or accountant when you retire overseas can be an interesting process. In many cases, reputation may be your only guide. This applies to professionals of any kind ... plumbers, electricians, doctors, you name it.
You may be surprised which place tops the list. (Hint: You'll need a snow shovel.)