best places to retire 2013

And now there's yet another list to mull over. Money magazine has just released its 2013 list of the 10 Best Places to Retire
The importance of retiring on a shoestring has grown thanks to changes in spending patterns among post 50s over the past
If you made your millions and don't have to penny pinch as a retiree, Forbes has just the list for you. The business magazine
No, probably not on a Social Security-only retirement income. But if your retirement budget is a bit bigger, and you've dreamt your whole life of retiring with a view of the crashing Pacific from your terrace, I'd say this could be your number-one right-now choice.
Retiring overseas may seem fanciful, but the low cost of living in many foreign countries makes a home abroad seem more manageable.
Rent: $450 Basic groceries for a couple: $200 Electricity: $30 Water: $10 Gas: $10 Cable: $30 Internet: $40 Landline phone
There's also no ranking. According to Peddicord, all the destinations should be considered. After considering 12 factors
If you're planning to move to a more budget-friendly city (or want to see if your metro area made the cut if you're planning
When deciding where to spend your golden years, there are many factors to consider, from cost of living and employment opportunities