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Interns have always been a part of the SAS culture. It makes sense - SAS originated while Jim Goodnight, founder and CEO of SAS, was a professor at NC State University.
Getting on a "Best Place to Work" list is not just a matter of having great programs and practices. It's a matter of conveying this fact to whomever is compiling the list. Application processes for these lists vary, but nearly all include at least one invitation to describe your company's programs, policies and practices in an open-ended format.
It's not just about the free food, rock-climbing walls and massages. Though that helps.
Have you ever questioned the effort you put into things... wondering if it was really worth it, or worse, wondering why it seemed there was so much swirling and duplication? And then nothing?
You deserve to be treated beautifully. I have made this statement countless times over the years, yet I always run into leaders and employees who are confused by what "beautiful" means. Once I explain it -- they want it!
Julia Hartz hopes to inspire people to live more by building the world's largest marketplace of live experiences. Since founding Eventbrite in 2006 with Kevin Hartz and Renaud Visage, the company has generated over $3 billion in gross ticket sales, with more than 200 million tickets processed to events and experiences around the globe.
In an industry known for low salaries and poor treatment of workers In-N-Out is often recognized for playing against type
The world's best workplaces are getting better in large part because their leaders see a high-trust culture as an absolute business imperative today.
Check out the top 25 in the graphic below: The Glassdoor rankings, released Friday, were based directly on employee feedback
While you may think giving your staff a couple of extra hours of free time a week is feeding their souls, you're wrong. Time off is always welcomed, but employee happiness and productivity are driven by much more than free afternoons.
According to the data, innovation across the government, as measured by the views of employees in the annual federal survey
It's kind of his way of taking the workforce temperature. And it's pretty clear that it's soaring high. Once you hire someone
Our newly released 2013 'Best Places to Work in the Federal Government' rankings show a continued decline government-wide
The 2013 "Best Places to Work in the Federal Government" rankings, released on December 18, provide managers with important
Looking to make a career move in the new year? Before you start thinking about perks and salaries, you may want to consider
1) The subsidized cafeteria includes a kids' menu with hot dogs shaped like octopuses. SAS encourages parents to have lunch
Progressive organizations and their HR people spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to attract "the best" employees. Here's the secret: you can't.
According to this year's survey, NIH is known for its generous health benefits and a “Fit Plus Program” that strongly supports
It is the first approach to management based on a positive psychology template created in the late nineties.