best road trips

5. Overwater Highway ― Xiangshan, China If a long distance road trip is not for you, but you are still seeking scenic views
When you drive to and from work, you know how driving can be impossibly painful even when you're sitting in the car alone
After a relationship has tanked to the point of no return, there's nothing quite like getting in the car -- either by yourself or with a bestie or two -- and taking your mind off everything on the open road.
Nothing says "summer in America" like a road trip. But you don't want to blow your whole vacation budget on gas, so we've rounded up the best destinations that you can get to (and back!) on just one tank of gas from major cities around the country.
Happy planning! If you'd like to create your own perfect road trip for the U.S. or Europe, use Olson's Python script to plug
To see an interactive version of the map, click here. Don't know where to go on your next family road trip? Let your computer
Buckle up for a tour of highways with hairpin turns, steep cliffs, narrow lanes, extreme weather, and dizzying heights.
Need to get in touch with your inner science nerd? In this month's issue of Popular Science Magazine, writers Geoff Manaugh
Midwest: "Chicago is a good jumping off point for a few drives. Head to the Indiana Dunes, where you think you're in Cape
Driving can be both the most stressful and the most relaxing of activities. While there are few things more frustrating than
Our friends at Coastal Living magazine have published their hot list for 2013, including where to go this year and the five
As spring and summer are just around the corner -- yes, believe it! -- it's time to plan for the most quintessentially American