best states to retire

You'll never guess what tops the best list. Hint: Don your cowboy hat.
A Dartmouth study tells you where you'll get the best medical outcomes.
Florida tops WalletHub's annual list of the best places to retire in the U.S..
Where you retire can be just as important as what you have when you retire.
If you want to retire rich, and maintain that wealth, you should be looking at important regional factors, such as taxes, local living expenses and the affordability and accessibility of health care.
For a lot of folks the best place to retire is near your kids and family where someone can watch over you and take care of you in case something happens," Kahn says. Deciding where to live in the golden years is still a very personal decision.
"The Cowboy State" took the top spot in the rankings after factors such as cost of living, taxes, health care, crime rates
If you want to retire to the beach, to a warm, sunny, tropical beach, but don't want to spend your entire savings in one fell swoop, consider the Texas Gulf Coast. It's not top of mind for those of us who have never visited or lived in the South, but when you combine affordability with natural beauty, it's surprising it's not up there with Florida as a top retirement destination.
Arizona has been a big retirement destination for many years, and for good reason. In fact, the very first Active Adult Community in the US, Sun City, was developed there over 50 years ago. But the reasons to choose Arizona are more than just the obvious. While AZ has hundreds of days of abundant sunshine and tons of golf courses, it has a lot more going for it than only sun and golf.
From the AARP: Check out the following slideshow for the top 5 places on AARP's list, and visit AARP for the full list of