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There are some good things happening outside the States.
New Yorkers know hats, the British know shoes, but the Italians, they know bags. Over the last couple of days at Milan Fashion
We know that New York Fashion Week brings out the impractical in everyone (after all, it is eight days of aspirational style
New York Fashion Week kicked off Thursday and for a city known for wearing all black all the time, we were pleasantly surprised
Brooklyn, New York San Francisco, California Thanks to Fashion Week and photographers like Scott Schuman, Tommy Ton and Tamu
Check out our favorite street style snaps from Day 8 at Paris Fashion Week and let us know which one is your favorite. The
Leather Pants: Lydia Marceau (Paris) and Jennifer Grace (California) French blend their bold accessories in, while big necklaces
Korea: Luxsi Young So it only makes sense that we draw inspiration from everywhere in order to make sure our cold-weather
Name: Batu Kaplanoglu Occupation: Writer and director Favorite item to wear in the winter: A poncho Life Motto: Creating
Name: Kirsty Occupation: CEO of an Advertising and Marketing agency Favorite transition item: Overalls Topshop overalls, Miss
Name: Taylor Occupation: Student Favorite item of clothing: This hat Splendid tank top, N_8 skirt, Brooks Brothers hat Name
The key to her success lies in the basics. She sticks to a few key pieces like boyfriend jeans and sneakers, and then adds