best tech gifts

It's 2015, people, time to really put some thought into that Father's Day gift. Sure, another tie is great, but some dads no longer wear ties to work. Instead, they carry mobile phones and chargers and listen to music on the go and yes, they even help out around the house.
June brings many reasons to celebrate. The end of the school year, graduations, and of course, Father's Day. Those hard-working, humble and honest dads we all know and love want recognition too.
Still shopping for the holidays? Don't panic, there's still time. We know sometimes it takes a while to find that perfect gift for the woman who has everything. Whether you know her as mom, spouse, daughter or just a friend, here are six great tech gifts ideas for the woman in your life.
If you're looking for a few great gift ideas for dad that don't involve objects of the ho-hum variety, here are some ideas culled from some of the savviest folks I know.
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