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Lists of great things from people who are very upfront about their biases.
“It touched on every emotion you could have and every situation you could encounter as a parent. I loved every minute of
Hogan’s Heroes’ Luftwaffe Stalag 13 did their best to sabotage the Nazis' efforts, all while deep inside enemy territory
American TV has never been better than it is now. But equally excellent shows have surfaced abroad, beyond the borders of Hollywood.
One thing is for certain -- they are changing the face of TV for the fresher, and we are here to bear witness.
Here are a few reasons why I love Glee and why I think you could love it, too -- if you don't already.
So, to quell the collective post-Breaking Bad angst, here are 10 stories--and persons--that we thing might make for terrific
Spacey's point: The device and length of what you are watching is irrelevant and TV execs better get hip to the change. As
Year-end lists are a holiday tradition along the lines of mistletoe and eggnog. Some people love it and some people hate it, but like clockwork, every year critics and viewers alike start listing the shows that were naughty and the ones that were nice.
I am 28 and have a serious girlfriend which means I can't watch sports and man programming all the time. Recently I have recently been exposed to what some may call "Lady TV."
With a little help from my friends, I found the best TV show I didn't even know existed. It's called Pulling, the equivalent of the American slang term "hooking up" and it aired on BBC from 2006 to 2008.
Not only are smart, complex series like Homeland, Louie, Breaking Bad and Downton Abbey getting on TV, they're finding sizable audiences. Why, then, does the industry feel compelled to play it safe -- dusting off old titles and recycling old ideas?