Oompa, Loompa, doom-pa-dee-do, we've got a clinical condition for you.
Another skirmish in the global battle over GMOs has broken out. Recently, a coalition of students delivered a petition with 57,309 signatures to ISU's College of Agriculture and Life Sciences protesting an upcoming human feeding trial of genetically engineered (GE) bananas.
"The reason the whole line of research began in the first place was that we observed that people who eat more fruits and
They all illustrate how the human cognitive system is driven much more by subconscious emotions than by a conscious objective analysis of the facts alone.
"No one knows how long or how much of these tanning foods must be consumed to see results," said Dr. Stuart. "The study at
Meanwhile, gamma tocopherol, the major form of vitamin E in the American diet, could increase a person's risk for type 2
The connection between the gut microbiome and human health is currently being explored as part of the Human Microbiome Project. This project has inspired a new wave of research into the effects of the gut microbiome and is delivering interesting findings.
Winter squashes are warm, alkaline, and sweet with anti-inflammatory, energy tonic and immune enhancing properties. Here's a recipe for winter squash soup.
Use these warming culinary herbs to spice up your food and as teas to promote a healthy, warming glow throughout the body.