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It's "so much easier" to be yourself now, Mota said.
Madison de la Garza is best known for playing Gabrielle Solis’ rebellious daughter, Juanita, on ABC’s “Desperate Housewives
Who watches TV anymore? Not Generation Z. And this past weekend, their ultimate IRL event - a sea of their favorite YouTubing icons - converged in sweltering heat in Downtown LA.
What's your favorite thing about fashion? "Being able to express your personality through your style! Don't feel the need
For politicians, the message is clear: making the rounds on the Sunday morning news programs is no longer good enough. The lesson is no less clear for advertisers who rely on the same eyeballs. The advertising industry should take this as a sign that online video is a worthy investment.
4. CuteGirlHairstyles, $21,078.03 per month 10. Musas (ppmussas), $14,520.32 per month 1. Yuya (lady16makeup), $41,475.73
Oh, Ellen. While Bethany seemed a bit overwhelmed at first, she kept her cool and went with a “nice date look.” Ellen, on
YouTube star Bethany Mota sat down with What's Trending at this year's South by Southwest festival to talk about stardom, hard work and how to be true to yourself.
YouTuber Bethany Mota just dropped a music video for her song "Need You Right Now," and it's one big splash of color. Set
Some of the biggest stars on YouTube may be earning big paychecks for playing with toys and video games.
13. Happy birthday, Bethany! We <3 you. 8. That time she took car selfies to the next level. 10. That time she was, again
We obsess over YouTube stars for different reasons than we like traditional Hollywood stars. Those celebs seem so perfect -- we can only dream about living their glamorous lives. But on YouTube, we root for the people who are sort of unpolished, a little weird even.
Your favorite YouTube stars are finally getting their chance to shine in a different kind of spotlight. Next month, Seventeen
Although trends come and go, personal style lasts forever -- and leave it to Mota to give us the best advice on keeping up
The girls you see superglued to their phones aren't just distracted or self-involved, as teenagers are often dismissed as being. Those girls are creating their personal brands on Twitter, launching fashion careers on Tumblr and starting their own businesses on Etsy.
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In 2009 when Bethany Mota was 14 years old she started a fashion oriented Youtube channel for fun. Today, her videos have more than 209 million views. Bethany joins Nancy in studio to chat about her makeup routine.