Many people have this idea in their heads of a number that they consider to be their “ideal weight.” So where do they get
You deserve to be truly free from food rules, obsession, and body-hate.
Your recovery from an eating disorder has been going strong. Perhaps you’ve been making strides in facing “fear foods,” are
Similar turf issues bother Charlie Berg of San Diego. "When you fly in coach," he grouches, "why is it always the person
The days, weeks and months immediately after someone is housed are critical to ensuring that the placement sticks. Absent support, the placement could crater. Someone housed after a long time on the streets might simply walk away from that housing, away from a place of his own, back to the streets.
“We are sad and angry about this violation of our public witness."
Even Ginsburg, the walkable-bikeable advocate, has some nostalgia for the adolescent years she spent at the mall. When White
If planners for Bethesda, Maryland fully realize a conceptual vision now being offered to community leaders and the public, the once-quiet but now-bustling suburb's downtown could become a nationally relevant example of urban sustainability.
Witnessing raw need can make us feel a range of conflicting emotions: anxious, uncertain, compassion and maybe even slightly guilty. We want to help but may not know whether or how to do so. Those are difficult feelings.
Last month, my teenaged daughter texted me from school: "'Steven' had a bad fight with his parents. They kicked him out." I
The conversation shifted to a kind of Yelp-type review of local and distant shelters, evaluating their safety, cleanliness and the competency of their staffs.
I tried to explain that to her, but it was my turn to pay, so the conversation ended there. "Where? Huh. I'm not even sure
I write today not just to applaud a bunch of teens who got up early on a Saturday morning to help, without a single request for "service hours," but to underscore the importance of a packet of mayonnaise.
I wondered what has happened to her, what people have said (or not said) to or near her, words or glances that have torn at her soul so deeply that she expects nothing but scorn.
The other men nodded, muttered in agreement. After some nods of agreement, the conversation moved on to sports statistics