Betsey Stevenson

By limiting career options of some talented workers, we are failing to build an economy that can operate at its full potential and jeopardizing our ability to compete on the world stage.
Twitter can be a wonderful place to unearth economic news and analysis. The only problem is knowing who to follow. But fear
I saw a piece in the NYT about men taking jobs in traditionally female-dominated fields. It features male dental assistants, nurses (paging Gaylord Focker!) and teachers. Which is cool. Mostly.
In the U.S., that traditional view of marriage, and the wedding industrial complex that profits off of it, now have a powerful
A new study out of the Families and Work Institute seems to suggest yes. According to "The New Male Mystique," released last
It's only been about 50 years since women could control our fertility and begin to forge an identity for ourselves in culture that goes beyond our biological role.