Betsy McCaughey

In case you need another reason to worry about a Trump presidency.
An effort to restore the two-term limit for elected city officials this year has been launched with a news conference on the steps of City Hall.
If congressional Republicans opposed the PPCA (i.e., health care reform) because it is an imposition on liberty and the free market, what must they think about the powers of the FDA, which regulates 30% of the economy?
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I have a new article on health care misinformation in The Forum that may be of interest to readers (link requires
Betsy McCaughey is the former Lieutenant Governor of New York, a former member of the Cantel Medical Corporation, a former
Those former Obama fanatics experiencing a crisis in faith should look in the mirror. What they have refused to acknowledge is that Obama would not have fallen so hard had they not lifted him so high.
If you like partisan combat, the New York University/Langone Medical Center in Manhattan was the place to be Monday night
[McCaughey] wrote two opinion pieces for the Wall Street Journal, both admired by New Republic Publisher Martin Peretz, who
The upshot is that we need to address that "structural weakness"--not, at this point, keep competing to see who can do the
I'm getting used to the tactics McCaughey deploys in situations like this: heavy-duty pretense that she supports health care
It's sign of a corrupt political/intellectual culture that being wrong in highly consequential ways appears to have no bearing on your implicit moral standing to propound in weighty terms on the crucial issues of the day.
Yes, many Americans have made their New Year's resolutions. Perhaps the conservative media establishment should do the same.
Saturday in the WSJ, Betsy McCaughey made the following points about the health reform bill. I am analyzing her points, one by one, so that you can better understand some of what is really in this bill.
However, health care consultant Michael L. Millenson dug into McCaughey's history and found that there isn't much of a contradiction