bette midler

The "Cheers" actress deemed Midler's take on black Trump supporters to be "pure and REAL racism."
The actress apologized for sharing a fake Trump quote, then went right back to taunting him.
Cher, Bette Midler, Seth MacFarlane and Mia Farrow were among those to torch Trump.
"Women deserve better than this," one person wrote in response to the singer's controversial tweet about the first lady.
The actress tried to invoke John Lennon and Yoko Ono on Twitter. It... could have gone better.
The "Hocus Pocus" actress shared the offensive phrase, then defended herself twice before deleting the original tweet.
The Broadway star has also bashed Trump over his response to Sen. John McCain's death.
The '80s one-hit wonder showed off her moves in a viral video.
In a recently resurfaced interview, Midler accused Rivera of groping her without her consent in the 1970s.
"Geraldo may have apologized for his tweets supporting Matt Lauer, but he has yet to apologize for this," the actress said.
It's part “Mean Girls,” part “Napoleon Dynamite,” part “Clueless.”
Disney’s “Hocus Pocus” will be remade into a modern version of the 1993 cult classic, but the three stars of the original film won't be present.