bette midler

The proposed action evokes "Lysistrata," a play from ancient Athens in which the women of Greece denied men sex until they ended a war.
The 44th annual ceremony for lifetime achievement in the creative arts is expected to return in December at full capacity,
And the Divine Miss M couldn't be more thrilled by the casting choice.
Bette Midler shared a snapshot of herself, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy dressed as their iconic witchy characters in the 1993 film.
The singer also called the first lady an “illegal alien” and implied she was a mail-order bride in a series of xenophobic tweets during the RNC.
Donald Trump Jr.’s eyes were watery during his Republican National Convention speech and the Grammy-winning singer has a theory.
Morgan laid into the Duchess of Sussex after she spoke out about the importance of voting.
Jason Alexander, Bette Midler, Andy Cohen, Billy Porter and Sen. Chuck Schumer tuned in from home to help the cause.
After the president complained about the South Korean film's Oscar win, she tweeted, "I’m more upset that a parasite won the White House."
The singer celebrated Halloween on "The Kelly Clarkson Show" by channeling Bette Midler -- wig and all.